Are 0800 Numbers Free on O2?

Are 0800 Numbers Free on O2

Phone calls and texts are both widely available through a number of different providers, but their rates can vary and you might have to pay more for certain numbers. For example, if you’re calling from home on your mobile phone, you might be charged up to 80p per minute. However, with O2’s free 0800 numbers, the rates are fixed to free at all times in this article.

What is Toll Free Number Calling?

What is Toll Free Number Calling

One of the benefits of using a toll-free number is that you don’t have to pay for phone calls. Many companies offer toll free numbers so that their customers can reach them without paying for the call.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some companies, such as O, charge for calls made to their toll-free numbers. This is called a “toll premium”. Toll premiums are usually a small fee that you have to pay when you make a call to a toll-free number.

It’s important to know which numbers are toll free and which aren’t. Make sure to check out the company’s website or call center to find out more about their toll-free numbers.

What are 0800 numbers?

What is 0800 Number

0800 numbers are free from most mobile providers in the UK. They are usually available on landlines and mobile phones.

0800 numbers are designed for customer service purposes. They are often used to contact businesses for help with a problem, or to ask a question about their account.

If you need to call someone using a 0800 number, you will need to dial the number without the leading 0 (zero). For example, you would dial 0845 instead of 08445.

Some providers will charge you for using a 0800 number. However, most of these charges are very small.

How can I save on my phone bill?

How can I save on My Phone Bill

One way to save on your phone bill is to check out offers from your phone service provider. Many providers offer discounts and free services if you sign up for a fixed rate plan or pay in full every month. You can also find deals on prepaid plans, which don’t require a contract.

Another way to save on your phone bill is to use a mobile app. Many apps offer deals and discounts that you can access by entering your phone number or account information. Some apps also have features that allow you to save money on your phone bill without having to change any settings on your phone.

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your phone bill, there are many options available. Just be sure to research each option carefully before making a decision.

How do I call an 0800 number without charge?

Numbers are free on most UK landlines and mobile phones, but there are a few exceptions.

You can call an 0800 number without charge on the following types of phone:

  • Landlines operated by BT or Virgin Media (excluding premium landlines)
  • Mobile phones from EE, O2, Three, Vodafone and Virgin Media (excluding pay as you go and pre-paid tariffs)
  • Some PAYG mobiles from providers including Airtel, BT, Carphone Warehouse, EE, G Mobile, TalkTalk and Virgin Media (excluding pre-paid tariffs)
  • Some postpaid mobiles from providers including Airtel, BT, Carphone Warehouse, EE, G Mobile, JET Digital and Virgin Media (excluding pre-paid tariffs)

You can also call an 0800 number without service fee on VoIP services like Skype. Just make sure that you are calling from a landline or mobile with a SIM card.

Are 0800 numbers free on O2?

Yes, 0800 numbers are free to call from within the UK on O2. This includes landline and mobile phones. You don’t need to have a contract with O2 to use these numbers, and you can even use them with your current phone number.

To use these free 0800 numbers, simply dial the number and press 1. You will then be asked to enter your O2 login details. After that, you can call any number in the UK for free.


Are 0800 numbers free on O2? In short, the answer is yes. However, there are some caveats that you should be aware of. O2 offers a number of different tariffs and each one has its own set of rules and restrictions regarding 0800 numbers. So before you sign up for an 0800 number through O2, it would be best to check with your carrier to see if they offer any similar deals.