Top 5 Benefits of Google Trends in SEO

Top 5 Benefits of Google Trends in SEO

Google Trends is a free tool that is sponsored and developed by Google. It is one of the excellent tools to navigate the recent trends and hot topics in recent times.

With this Google tool, an SEO expert can analyze the trending topics and utilize them in their blog to have a better reach. It is important to know how to use this tool for a better result.

In this article, we will discuss the uses and benefits of Google Trends in digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you should search for different tools and techniques to make the ranking process easier.

Benefits of Google Trends in SEO

Google Trends is one of the recent tools launched by Google and most SEO professionals love to explore the tool. It is very helpful to include necessary trending topics on your website and it improves your ranking with the highly rated topics and terms. Some of the benefits of Google Trends in SEO are,

  1. Compare Trend Search Terms
  2. Explore Results by Region
  3. Find Related Searches
  4. Export, Embed, and Cite Trends data
  5. Refine Trend results by Category

Click on Explore on the menu, and you will be direct to the page where you need to search for keywords.

Compare Trend Search Terms

In Google Trends, you can explore multiple search terms in different regions and you can compare up to 5 groups with 25 terms in each group. It makes the keyword research process easier for an SEO to attain better traffic with recent trends.

How to Compare Terms?

As mentioned above, click on Explore in the menu, you will be direct to the page where you need to search for terms and it will be displayed like this.


Enter the term or topic you need to search for, here I’m searching for ‘IPL’ which is the second largest fan base league in the world. The search term will be displayed with a graph of visitors and searches. Though it is a seasonal keyword, the searches are high only at a particular period.


Click on Compare on the right to compare the term IPL with different terms and here I have used ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and Ashes. Here the graph shows with three different colours which represents the three different terms.Compare by Region

Scroll down to compare the terms with different regions. Here you can clearly see the map on left side where the terms are trending more. On right side you can see that IPL is selected in the sort menu, which gives the priority to the selected term and list the top 5 regions where the searches are high. You can also screen this for different search terms.

Scroll down to analyse the terms separately.

Note: You can also view the analysis for Cities instead of regions, and you can also search the terms in different languages. But the results will be shown only for the region where those languages are used.

Explore Results by Region

As mentioned above you can screen the terms and topics for different regions. Click on the region where you need to analyse the results, it will show graphs and results according to the region you are selected.

For example, I have chosen India for IPL where you can find searches for different cities or sub-regions. Here you can also find the topics that are searched by users, but his you can choose the highest volume keywords.

Find Related Searches

You can find the related sear queries at the bottom of the page. This section helps you to identify the top searches and rising searches for the given keyword with high volume.

With this relates searches, you can select the appropriate keyword for the selected period of time for seasonal keywords. Also every Google Trends page will have a report section, where you can report the abusive results.

Export, Embed and Cite Trends Data

Google Trends allow the user to export, embed, and share the data available in the search results. This can be done with the help of icons at the top right corner of all the trends like charts, regions, and related searches.

Export Embed and Share

The screenshots in Google Trends should be used with the tag “Data Source: Google Trends”. Because it a Google product and a common man do not have access to utilize those screenshots and images.

As an SEO you must use this tag and URL below the image to improve ranking or else you would be facing copywriting issues.

Refine Trend Results by Category

Unlike other tools Google Trends allows you to search with a particular category. For example, if you are searching for jaguar Google Trends do not weather you are searching for car or animal. So, you can use the Category tab to specify the desired search result.

Search Tips in Google Trends

Like Google Ads, Google Trends also have keyword match types that shows results for the specified type of keyword. But both are different platforms and used for different purposes. The specified keyword formats are,

  1. For a normal keyword like women clothing, Trends shows all the results that contains your keywords like fashion women clothing, clothes for women, ,
  2. The format with double quotes like “women clothing” will show results with the exact phrase in your keywords with additional words like Latest Women clothing.
  3. Women + clothing will be given for the results that contain only one of the given words either the results contain women or
  4. If you have given a long tail keyword but need to exclude a particular word, you can use hypen. For example, if you use women – clothing the results will be shown only for women and excludes clothing.
  5. There are many words in English that contains different spelling. IF you need to see all the results for a particular term with different spelling you can use + symbol like center + centre + centere or liter + litre,