Double Chance Betting – Exploring Betting Opportunities

Double Chance Betting - Exploring Betting Opportunities

Regardless of your betting experience, the notion of Double Chance has been bandied about and entered the sports gambling lexicon. But what is it? Most conducive to football betting, players will be able to cover two of the potential three outcomes for a given game.

Unlike the traditional 1×2 line, where you can wager on a home win, an away win, or a draw, Double Chance throws up more opportunities. Therefore, it adds another fascinating dimension for bettors when they unlock pre-match markets.

The rise of double chance betting has started to take hold at many of the most prominent sportsbooks across the UK. This guide will share some insights on how double chance betting varies from other lines as well as convey the benefits of this type of wager.

Double Chance Betting – Exploring Betting Opportunities

Covering all bases

Bettors can be creatures of habit, at least when it comes to wagering on football. After all, accumulators have become sacrosanct on matchdays. In most cases, a last-gasp goal netted in the Premier League or Serie A, for example, can enrage those who have had their betting slips scuppered and seen their hopes of scooping a big cash win quashed.

Covering all bases

With Double Chance, it steers away from the go-to 1×2 line. As mentioned earlier, there are more ways to return a winning wager, as you are backing two of three potential results for a game. So, for example, Manchester United will be hosting Manchester City in this weekend’s Manchester derby, and you come across the following choices:

  • Manchester United & Draw
  • Manchester City & Draw
  • Manchester United or Manchester City 

Naturally, you need to understand the odds that have been presented, but if this game is of higher variance in terms of the Over Goals section, using the Double Chance system can be profitable. Sometimes, a little extra juice is added by sportsbooks to keep players on a side.

While City would enter this game as strong favourites, backing the United & Draw option could reap the dividends, especially as longer odds would be posted by most sportsbooks for the Red Devils, albeit they are at home.

Aside from being profitable, the level of risk is mitigated for Double Chance. As bettors will be covering more bases, it is deemed to be less volatile compared to other popular types of wagers. Nevertheless, you still need to demonstrate an ability to bankroll your account effectively if things go pear-shaped.

Expert Tips for Double Chance

Expert tips for Double Chance

Double Chance betting can’t be carried out in a vacuum, and if you want to enrich your wagering experience, you ought to adhere to the following tips:

  • Check the form guide – Bettors can make more incisive selections when they appreciate the context of a match. If something obvious sticks out, like a team that is bereft of confidence and on a losing streak, you should avoid betting on them.
  • Challenge yourself – If some matches are too tight to call, go for the underdog with higher odds assigned.
  • Gamble responsibly – Set yourself a limit per game, and don’t exceed your financial expectations.

Part of an exciting trend 

It is best to frame Double Chance as hedging, as you are backing more outcomes to cover your picks. In contrast, Asian handicapping, where there are theoretical advantages placed on teams in spread form, may feel archaic.

The UK sports betting industry is in robust health, and the latest figures show the market could be worth as much as £5 billion. Double Chance betting is now starting to enjoy more exposure, and for those looking to broaden their horizons, Double Chance could be just the ticket.