How to Find the Best Person to Fill a Management Role?

How to Find the Best Person to Fill a Management Role

Managers are among the most important people in any given company. It’s managers that will determine the ultimate direction your business takes and see that the plans laid out at the top are actually implemented.

Employee influence a business a lot so, when you’re hiring a manager, there are a few key qualities and attributes you’ll want to look for. Let’s run through the key steps you should take when assessing potential managerial recruits.

How to Find the Best Person to Fill a Management Role?

Hire an Interim Manager

 Find the Best Person to Fill a Management Role - Hire an Interim Manager

It’s important to take the time when filling a managerial vacancy. The process might take weeks or even months. In the meantime, you’ll want to ensure that the business is ticking over smoothly, and that all of the duties of the manager are being performed.

This is where interim management services come in. An interim manager is a specialised type of business management professional that will come into the workplace and keep business operational and stable while a new member of staff is recruited.

Be Clear about Expectations

You’ll want your new recruit to understand what’s expected of them. This will allow them to decide in advance if the role is a good fit. This may save you huge amounts of time and energy and allow unsuitable candidates the opportunity to rule themselves out early on.

Interview Well

An effective interview process is a vital part of your recruitment. A good interviewer will bring a range of skills to bear. They’ll not only be able to ask the right questions but adapt during the interview with follow-ups and clarifications. The questions selected should be relevant to the role, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be leftfield or obscure. Often, trying to wrong-foot the candidate will reveal something about how they think under pressure.

Interview Well

When you’re interviewing, you should seek to establish not only what the candidate is good at, but where their weaknesses lie. Get them to tell you about how they’ve addressed those weaknesses over the years, and how adaptable they are to new situations.

Get feedback from previous employers

By looking at a person’s employment history, and studying their interactions with previous employers, you can establish whether they are a good fit for your business. You might also look for the opinions of people who’ve interacted with the candidate outside of an interview setting. If they were rude to the receptionist, it might be a bad sign.

Make sure they understand the company culture

Make sure they understand the company culture

Often, a great manager might not make a good match for the culture you’re trying to establish. If you’re heavily process-driven, with an intense focus on what everyone does on a day-to-day basis, then you’ll need your management to be able to implement that culture – even if they aren’t used to it themselves.