5 Free Google Tools to Upgrade your SEO Strategy

5 Free Google Tools to Upgrade your SEO Strategy

There are different types of analytics and research tools to boost your SEO campaigns. But many of the third-party tools are paid for, and it will not be worth it for beginners and learners. As a beginner in SEO, you can make use of the Google tools which are highly recommended by the top SEO experts.

These Google tools help to learn the upgradation, and they will make your learning process easier. Many SEO professionals are using these tools and suggested for beginners to start with, in this article, we will discuss, 5 free Google tools to upgrade your SEO strategy.

5 Free Google Tools to Upgrade your SEO Strategy

These are interesting and free to use, and you can learn the new techniques and strategies in SEO. The 5 free Google tools are,

  1. Google Trends
  2. Google Ads & Commerce Blog
  3. Visual Stories
  4. Grow My Store
  5. Test My Site

Google Trends

google Trends

Google Trends is the tool that allows you to search and modify keywords. This will show you a graph, and worldwide search with a nice graphical representation. With this tool, you can find many of the new keywords and key phrases, that are related to your targeted keyword.

It can also be used for professional SEO’s where they can compare the keywords for different regions and analyse the entire search terms for different time zones in different regions. You can also analyse keyword search in different search platforms like YouTube search, Image search, Google Shopping search and News search.

Google Ads & Commerce Blog

Though there are many technologies, it is difficult to find the trending products in the eCommerce platform for the future. But this tool helps you to analyse the trending products in different regions. SEO is important in business and it is helpful for you to focus on a specific trending product in a particular region. You can also select your target audiences and focus on them to increase sales.

Visual Stories

Visual stories are full of presentations that help the professionals to find the trending products and technologies. It will show the highest search terms as a presentation, this helps the SEO professionals to find the targeted keywords and people. With this tool, you can analyse the trending products in a particular place for the audience.

Grow My Store

Grow My Store

Grow My Store is one of the best tools for an eCommerce business website. As a new business website, you can integrate your site with the Grow my Store, which help you to increase your online reputation. You need to answer the simple questions asked by Google that would be based on your small business. After submitting all the information, your profile will be created to Grow My Store.

With this feature, Google will automatically feed the product reviews, shopper profiles etc., This is a simple tool, where you can reach more customers and you can generate more analysis for your business website with simple steps. The tool will also help you to find the trending products in online stores, and according to that, you can target a particular product for targeted audiences.

Test My Site

Test My Site

Test My Site is one of the best tools developed by Google, which is not known by many the developers and SEO experts. The tool is developed to find the performance of your website on smartphones. It will analyse the speed (loading time) of your site and shows the speed of your website in both 3G and 4G network connections.

With this tool, you can analyse and boost your website speed, get personal suggestions and improvements, and make it seamless for all users. With this tools tool, you can make your website more mobile-friendly and increase the visitors of your website. Page speed is the first impression for any of the online websites, it should be very high to keep your customers engaged.

You can also get the full report about your site’s performance by entering your mail id and business name. The report will be sent to the mail you have entered.