The Instagram Revolution – How Models are Shaping the Fashion Industry?

The Instagram Revolution - How Models are Shaping the Fashion Industry

The Rise of Social Media Influence

As our reliance on social media continues to grow, it’s become an integral part of our lives, shaping our perceptions, especially when it comes to fashion trends. In the past, fashion trends were disseminated through catwalk shows and fashion magazines, as fashion was seen as an exclusive cultural domain.

The primary influencers were designers and glossy magazines filled with ads for the latest Louis Vuitton bag or Ralph Lauren sweater. Fast forward to the present day, and the narrative has changed dramatically. Social media, particularly Instagram, has taken the fashion world by storm, with fashion enthusiasts now turning to Instagram models for the latest trends.

Today, people have the power to choose the content they consume. While catwalks and magazines still play a role in the fashion industry, social media has proven more successful in connecting brands with people.

A New Market for Fashion Companies

A New Market for Fashion Companies

The days of relying on the latest issue of Glamour to dictate the latest trends are long gone. Social media has become a marketing tool for promoting the products that fashion brands are designing for the upcoming seasons. But it does more than that; it shows people what their digital friends wear and what fashion trends bloggers promote.

Fashion companies understand that people today don’t trust advertising as they used to. Millennials, living in a world saturated with magazines, online advertising, and marketing campaigns, have become skeptical. They find traditional marketing strategies distant and misleading, and they don’t let their shopping habits be influenced by the advertising content they encounter on TV, magazines, or radio. Instead, they value the recommendations offered by their social media friends.

Social media’s ability to disseminate news quickly across countries and continents is unparalleled. With Instagram’s user base surpassing 200 million, it’s likely that every user follows at least one fashion account. Research shows that about 50% of Instagram users follow fashion accounts for outfit inspiration. This includes fitness influencers and their associated brands. A cycle is created, one inspired by the outfit an Instagram model shares, and they, in turn, share their look with their followers. They become a source of inspiration for someone else.

Research also indicates that more than 70% of people are likely to purchase a specific clothing item if it has been recommended by someone they follow on social media. Approximately 90% of Millennials state that they would make a purchase based on the content generated by an influencer.

Aware of these trends, fashion brands focus their marketing efforts on Instagram. Both average and luxury brands collaborate with Instagram models to promote their products on social media.

Instagram Models: The New Brand Ambassadors

Instagram Models - The New Brand Ambassadors

Social media is a tool that fashion brands use to create a unique branding experience. In the past, fashion shows were exclusive events only accessible to the elite. Nowadays, all famous brands provide access to their catwalk shows to Instagram models, with the aim of having these influencers share the event live with their followers. All Instagram users have to do is follow a certain hashtag, and they will access all the content related to that particular hashtag.

Influencer marketing is the new trend in advertising. It involves collaborating with influential individuals who can increase brand awareness and influence purchasing patterns. From the buyers’ perspective, influencer content is seen as a recommendation from a digital friend. They follow the people they admire and check the clothes they’re wearing or the products they’re using. These recommendations make the brand reliable in the eyes of the buyers and increase the audience’s interest in interacting with the brand.

Many fashion brands struggle to foster a sense of community, but Instagram models already have an established audience. They communicate with their followers and can validate the products offered by a brand, making it more accessible to the public.

The fashion industry is known for its fast pace, and the growth of technology has changed purchasing patterns. Instagram models offer brands the opportunity to access a new type of marketing that can be challenging if they don’t hire the right person and don’t use their creativity to create content.


The fashion industry has always been dynamic, and the rise of technology has only accelerated its pace. Instagram models provide brands with a new marketing avenue that can be challenging if not navigated correctly. However, the right person and a dash of creativity can open up a world of possibilities. And if you’re looking to jumpstart your Instagram presence, consider checking out the Fameswap.