How Much Do YouTubers Make in the UK?

How Much Do YouTubers Make in the UK

Hear the words that have been echoing in your head? YouTube is one of the top sources for information on the internet according to many. What makes YouTube so popular? It can be due to a variety of reasons, but one of the most prominent is that videos are short and easy to watch. This article provides numerous facts and figures about how much youtubers make in the UK.


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site on the internet. Millions of people from around the world upload and share videos every day. Many YouTubers make a living from their channel by monetizing their content through advertising, sponsored videos, and merchandising.

The average YouTuber makes around $8,000 a month, but there are a lot of variables that affect how much someone makes from their channel. For example, some YouTubers have very large following bases, while others have smaller ones.


Some YouTubers also have more active channels, which means they generate more revenue through ad sales and subscriptions.

Overall, the average YouTuber makes around $8,000 a month. However, this number can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors including the size of the channel’s audience, type of content produced, and frequency of monetization activities.

How Much do YouTubers Make in the UK?

There are many YouTubers in the UK who make a living from their videos. It’s not clear how much these YouTubers earn, as there is no official data. However, some estimates suggest that top UK YouTubers can earn up to £100,000 per year. The UK’s business rates are also not included in the payouts, which will make it even more difficult to earn a living from YouTube. However, if you have signed as a brand partner with a company like Viacom or Sony Music and your videos receive sponsorship it could slightly help in this regard.

How Much do YouTubers Make

Do YouTubers Get Paid? It is very hard for YouTubers to get paid by YouTube due to their low upload numbers. This means that most of them end up having to work part-time jobs such as working at McDonald’s or shop assistants etc.

However, we do expect things to change soon and many of the top YouTubers will receive small sums through direct payments.

What Do Youtubers Earn and How Much Money YouTubers Make?

In general, YouTube is a very lucrative platform for content creators. The average YouTuber makes $8,000-$12,000 per month. However, this income can vary drastically based on the popularity of the channel and the skill of the creator. In fact, some high-profile personalities can earn up to $100,000 per month.

Who are the Most Popular British YouTubers?

The most popular British YouTubers, according to analytics company Social Blade, are PewDiePie, DanTDM, and Markiplier. Between them, they have over 173 million subscribers. Other British YouTubers who are popular include Alfie Deyes (with over 54 million subscribers), Jenna Marbles (over 47 million subscribers), and TomSka (over 36 million subscribers).

Who are the Most Popular British YouTubers

How Much Have YouTube Stars Grown in the Past Year? In 2017, there were 1.7 billion hours of online video watched across YouTube every day, which translates to 139 years of video being uploaded every day. That’s more than the previous year: 1.6 billion hours was watched in 2016.

The most popular types of videos by channel are gaming content at 46 percent, language learning at 20 percent, social media and beauty tutorials at 13 percent each and beauty tips and fashion tips at 8 percent.

What is the YouTube Partnership Programme and how can I apply for it?

The YouTube Partnership Programme is a way for up-and-coming creators to make money from their videos. Creators can apply through the Google Creator Studio website, and if accepted, will be given access to resources and support from YouTube. The programme offers four different ways for creators to make income from their videos: ad revenue, subscription payments, merch sales, and donation earnings.

To qualify for the programme, creators must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and have at least 50 hours of original content uploaded to their channel. In order to increase monetization potential and attract new viewers, it’s important for creators to optimize their videos for search engines and social media platforms. With over two billion active users watching videos every day, there’s plenty of opportunity to make some cash!

What is the YouTube Partnership Programme and how can I apply for it

The best way to get started with YouTube is through the YouTube Partner Program. This allows you to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube, as well as offering support for your channel by advertising and promoting it across the network. Once you gain enough subscribers, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program, which will help increase your visibility and earning potential.

I want to make something very clear here: I am not an affiliate marketer, blogger or a person who has ever earned one cent in affiliate marketing (I have tried but failed miserably at that). I have experimented with different marketing techniques on my own blog and social media pages just to see how things work out.


While the exact amount that UK-based YouTubers make is unknown, it is estimated that they bring in an annual income of £1 million or more. With such high earnings potential, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to start their own YouTube channel – and with good reason! Not only does starting your own channel offer you the opportunity to share your voice with a global audience, but it can also lead to a lucrative career as one of Britain’s most successful online stars.

So what do you need to get started? First and foremost, a strong idea for your channel – once you have this down, all else will follow. And lastly, the dedication and drive to see your channel through to the end – without these two things, there is little chance of success.