What IT Equipment Do You Need to Set Up Your Business?

What IT Equipment Do You Need to Set Up Your Business

When you start a new company, you’ll know that you need to make some important initial investments to get you up and running.

Whether your business is IT-based or not, you’ll need an efficient computer system to make sure your colleagues can communicate and work effectively. We’ve outlined a few of the most essential pieces of equipment to install in your office in the following guide.

What IT Equipment Do You Need to Set Up Your Business?

Desktops or laptops?

Desktops or laptops

As far as computers are concerned, you’ll need to make the decision between laptops and desktops.

  • Laptop computers provide flexibility and mobility, allowing employees to bring their work to meetings, conferences, team presentations, and anywhere else they might be required to travel to. Laptops also offer more advanced technologies in display, storage and computing power, meaning that they’re suitable to serve as a primary computer for most tasks.
  • Desktop computers are more suitable for memory-intensive work like graphic design, architecture, or any technical production types. Both laptop and desktop computers can be connected to monitors, which facilitate sharing information and projects at work.

Connecting cables

Connecting Cables

To interconnect devices in your office you will need a range of USBs for different purposes. Choosing the right USB cables will make your workflow more efficient by ensuring maximum compatibility across different devices.

Internet: How should you set it up?

Your office will need to be covered by a strong and reliable connection to the Internet. This can be achieved using a network of Ethernet cables and a dominant router. Landline phones could also be useful for larger limited companies, but the Internet is the lifeblood of modern business communication.

Remember: using the Internet always comes with inherent security risks, so it’s crucial to keep your employees safe with the best antivirus software on the market.



Computers would be ineffective without software to run on them. The type of business structure you’re running will determine the type of software you need, but almost every company will benefit from document processing and spreadsheet software.

The most popular word processing package is arguably Microsoft Office, but alternatives are available. While some software bundles are available for free, it’s always worth investing in quality, robust, and secure software developed by professionals.

Peripheral devices

Peripheral devices

Peripheral devices include printers, copiers, mouse, keyboards, and all of the other vital accessories that keep the employees in your office working comfortably. The exact models you choose could come down to personal preference, but it’s sensible to speak to your colleagues first.

Comfort should be considered as a priority when you’re choosing any office equipment that could influence posture. It’s easy to find ergonomic keyboards and desk chairs to facilitate a healthier, more comfortable position at the desk.