Nine Amazing Ways to Improve the Local SEO Ranking of Your Business

Nine Amazing Ways to Improve the Local SEO Ranking of Your Business

Local SEO is a crucial path small businesses undertake to grow effectively. Local SEO works by appearing on SERPs in a specific location. This amazing strategy works by marketing your brand, services, and products to local customers.

While bigger brands routinely optimize their content for broader SEO, Local SEO optimizations help you get more website traffic, leads, and eventually more local and loyal customers. Businesses that overlook local ranking may be missing out on many opportunities.

Nine Amazing Ways to Improve the Local SEO Ranking of Your Business

1. Create a GMB Profile

When you think about local ranking, the first thing that may come to your mind is ranking higher on Google Maps. It is the most effective way to become visible in your locality and meet the eyes of more potential customers. For this, you must create a business profile.

Create a GMB Profile

You need a Google My Business account and an effective local rank tracker to optimize your local presence. The Google Business account dashboard will require some information regarding your business. This information will then be added to your business profile in search results and Google Maps.

2. Gather Happy Reviews

People no longer rely on what you say about your product or service. Almost 85% of shoppers agree that they read online reviews of a product or service before trying it out. Such strong numbers make it impossible for one to overlook the importance of reviews from satisfied clients.

Asking for a review is not too much of a hassle for a happy customer. Satisfied reviews from local businesses can encourage other local customers to trust your business and grow your base. In addition, you may also see a rise in personal recommendations from one customer to another.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search has gained a lot of appreciation over the past years, and more people are getting more comfortable with it every day. Many people prefer speaking on devices instead of typing. Hence, it has also become a crucial part of local SEO.

Studies suggest that people often use long-tail keywords while speaking for voice searches. Therefore, you may need to adjust your website content for a more conversational tone to engage the audience and address their concerns.

4. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Every local customer that you are trying to target does not always use a laptop. Some customers may prefer looking up a local business on their phone. If that does not work out well, they may never return to your website. You may lose a potential customer forever.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Therefore, it must be every business’s top priority to optimize their websites for mobile and other devices. This small step can increase your website traffic manifold and will help you establish a strong local customer base.

5. Address Local Keywords

It is easy to understand that the keywords used in Local SEO must be relevant to local customers. From specific landmarks to hotspots in your area, these little but crucial details can help you grow your business more every day.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to find frequent searches in your area. This way, you can create a list of local keywords to target. You must ensure that they appear in the metadata of your site and the relevant URLs.

6. Add Location Pages

Location pages are important for businesses that run in more than one location. These pages include crucial information such as store hours, phone numbers, testimonials, proposals, exact locations, promotions, and individualized descriptions.

It can be challenging to have more than one business location. However, it does not mean that you cannot create a strong local business presence. But make sure that you create different content for each page and location.

7. Visit Online Business Directories

Online business directories have made it easier for businesses of all scales to find local recognition. You can add a business name, address, contact number, and other details to these directories to boost your local SEO ranking.

Visit Online Business Directories

Your listing in these rankings can also increase your business’s local visibility and boost your local SEO. One important thing you must not overlook is adding a backlink to your website and a thorough description of your business.

8. Create Dedicated Web Pages

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is to dump all information regarding products or services on one page. It may seem very tempting to avoid hard work and take the easy approach but you must avoid doing so at all costs.

Instead, take your time to create dedicated pages for each product and service. Search engines do not see your brand as an authority in a specific area. Dumping information in one place can lower your chances of ranking higher. Hence, it is crucial to avoid this mistake at all costs.

9. Improve Internal Linking Structure

Businesses focus on external links a lot due to their importance. However, they may forget the importance of internal linking structure and its adjustment to boost your local SEO rankings by supporting website navigation and distributing page authority.

Improve Internal Linking Structure

Internal link structure is a mix of content, UX, IT, and several other factors that can significantly impact local SEO performance. After all, user experience can impact conversions from organic search. Hence, it cannot be overlooked on your journey to gain appreciation from local customers.