Clever Ways To Work Your Way Around The World

Clever Ways To Work Your Way Around The World

The world is a wild and wonderful place full of mystery and otherworldly sights. Traveling the world is a dream for most of us. Unless you were born into wealth or won the Lottoland online lottery, it would be a costly venture. But it is possible. People do it all the time.

There have never been more opportunities to make a living while traveling. It requires work and effort. You need to know how to stay connected to your work. It is about finding a way to fund the lifestyle you want to live and be bold enough to go.

As you see the world, it is possible to utilize the tours and planned activities and turn the experience into a money-making venture.  So, where do you begin?

Clever ways to work your way around the world

You cannot grab a new life if you refuse to let go of the old one

If you are going to travel the world and live in various countries, towns, and cities, you no longer need the things you have gathered your entire life, hoping they will bring happiness. However, you need money to begin your adventure and sustain yourself while you are beginning.

You cannot grab a new life if you refuse to let go of the old one

Here is how to start:

  • Do not store it – sell it

You do not need golf clubs, a bunch of old golf bags, drums from Jr. high, or Star Wars collectibles. Begin selling your stuff to finance your new life. If you cannot take it with you and would have to pay to store it, get rid of it. You can take this to the level of your choice. Some people sell their automobiles, homes, and property to fund their new lives.

  • Open a Crowdfunding account.

A free crowdfunding account helps people collect and gather funds for their cause. Start by creating a profile and allow your friends and family to help you begin. Instead of birthday gifts and other celebrations, your family can deposit into your Crowdfunding account.

  • Cancel memberships

For the year leading up to the beginning of your new life, cancel gym memberships, television, and movie channels. Consider letting go of On Star for your car. Get rid of magazine and news subscriptions. If you are in clubs that send cosmetics monthly, cancel those.


Clever Ways To Work Your Way Around The World - Barter

Try to barter everything for the year you are preparing for your adventure. Make a list of the things you need and run some swapping ads. You may trade a comforter set for a nice sleeping bag. Trade household gadgets for gear. Do you need hiking boots or a down jacket? Strike a deal to clean someone’s garage or attic for them. Get creative.

Ways to earn money anywhere in the world

With the advances in modern technology, many world travelers go through their skillset to find out what they do best or even learn a new skill and market themselves.

You can blog about your adventures, post unique photographs, and sell advertising to your website on programs like Google Adsense. There are plenty of magazine blogs and newspapers around the world that hire freelance writers, copywriters, editors, and ghostwriters.

There are many other ways to accomplish your dream. This may take trial and error and the courage to find your talents and skills.

Ways to earn money anywhere in the world

Available jobs 

  • English teacher

You may not even need to be an actual teacher to teach the people of another country to speak English.

  • Nanny

Apply for jobs as a nanny or caregiver. You may find families who need travel nannies. You travel with them in exchange for caring for children or an older adult.

  • Start an online business
  • Remote customer service
  • Buying and selling on eBay and Amazon
  • Virtual assistants
  • Online sales
  • Remote data entry
  • Manual labor
  • Farm assistants
  • Seasonal pickers and processors
  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Cook
  • Bartender or server
  • Yard work
  • Painting (homes, fences, small businesses)
  • Dog grooming or walking
  • Work for cruise ships, hotel chains, and various industries
  • Artistic talents
  • Musician
  • Artist – drawing
  • Tattooing
  • Singer
  • Painting (portraits)
  • Storytelling

As you can see, there are many ways to fund your lifestyle and allow yourself to live much cheaper than you thought possible. Find your passion and build your brand from there.


Everywhere you go, you will find different ways of life. These differences open doors of opportunity for you to learn something new. You can always find a way to make a little cash if you look with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask. Share your life with others and let them get to know you and the life you live. This is an unforgettable experience. So, make it happen.