Why Are Sports So Popular Around the World?

Why Are Sports So Popular Around the World

Sport brings people together. From team sports like football to one-on-one events like tennis, big-ticket events always draw a crowd.

But what is it about sports that have this unifying effect? Why did 3.5 billion of us watch the 2020 Olympics? What made us shriek with delight when the Lionesses won the Women’s Euro 2022?

Here, we take a look at what makes the sport so enduring around the world.

Why Are Sports So Popular Around the World?



We have access to sports almost 24/7 now, thanks to the internet and the many sports channels that are available. When we’re not watching live games, we’re catching up on the match results and shopping online for the kit adorned with our favourite player’s name.

But long before we had this constant access to our favourite sports, watching a game was a popular form of entertainment. From professional matches to the annual sports day at school, we’ve cheered on team because teamwork is important among players. Why? Because it’s fun!



As well as being a form of fun entertainment, sport is engaging. We have someone to root for. We follow their progress and predict what will happen.

However, even if we get technical about the potential outcome of the game or match, we can’t know for sure if someone will shoot and score in the last minute. This is what hooks us in and keeps us there.

Health benefits

Health Benefits

Another reason why sport is such a big draw for people around the world is that it’s a healthy past time. Sure, following our favourite team is fun, but the chances are that if we’re avid fans, we’ll have a go ourselves. This, in turn, has health benefits for those who play a game of tennis or a round of cricket.

From amateur rugby to netball leagues, there are plenty of opportunities to channel the popular players and try participating in sport too. In fact, there’s been an uptick in girls playing football as women’s football sees more coverage on TV and in the social media – and this was expected to increase again on the back pf the Lionesses’ win last summer.

Social skills

Motivation is important for a real camaraderie that comes from supporting a team or following a sportsperson. From mingling with fellow fans to having a reason to get out and about once a week, sport creates something of a social calendar and opportunities to meet like-minded people.